Barriers to effect to HRM

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Introduction 2

HRM and its activities 2

HRM in the present time 3

Barriers to effective HRM 4

First barrier to effective HRM 4

Second barrier to effective HRM 5

Third barrier to effective HRM 6

Training and Development 7

Motivating Employees 8

Conclusion 9

References 9


The aim of my essay, I will try to discuss about definition of HRM, its responsibility, identify barriers which are resisting HRM people to perform well, and discuss critical issues about today's HRM.

Many organizations have realized importance of HRM, and have been developing this section of the organizational structure, but there are many organizations, where top managers don't want to recognize the importance of HRM, insisting for their performance and creating barriers. Such as lack of necessary knowledge and skills of HRM, management styles etc.

HRM and it's activities

Human Resource Management in a business is extremely important. Good Human Resource Management can help make a successful business as it can help keep the employees happy and satisfied.

In the leisure and recreation industry high quality human resource management is vital as the service delivered by the organisations are on a "person to person" basis. So the business is going to need the right people with the right skills and attitude, and also need the right managers to motivate and train staff to do well in their jobs.

Human Resource Management basically means the organisation of people in a company, and can also be defined by the tasks, which managers undertake in the area, such as recruitment, training and communication with the workforce and dealing with any problems that may arise with the employees.

The key qualities that the employees should have are that they should be well enough trained and confident enough to communicate with customers. Most large...