The Basis of My Belief in God.

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I believe that there is a God, and that God created everything in the universe. My belief in God was centered around the affirmation my parents gave me when I was a little girl, but when I grew up I clearly saw that the awesome earth and universe we live in could not have come from nothing. The fact that the universe exist is so self evident that there is a God that God really doesn't need anymore proof of His existence. To deny that there is a maker to this universe is denying our senses. If people would just consider that something cannot come from nothing the picture of God would be clear. All around us there are creations and those creations have makers. For example: A baby is created by a female parent and a male parent. If the universe just happened then why can't a baby just pop up out of nowhere? Every effect has to have a cause.

Every effect we see in nature had a cause, which means something or someone had to cause that effect to happen. Therefore I see the creation of the universe as this; since the universe exists, and something can't come from nothing, then something (or someone) has always existed.

The second reason I believe in God is because matter has no intelligence. It is a obvious to me as it is to any Atheist that a tree cannot turn itself in to a chair or that a lump of coal can turn itself into a diamond ring. A creator, a maker, turns trees into chairs and coal into diamond rings. Therefore, it takes a mind of a creator to turn dead objects into useful items. I truly believe it is more sensible to believe in the bible's truth...