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Very early in the morning I wake up to practice my exercise routine of basketball which is an energetic sport played in team and with a vision to win every game or tournament. From small always struck me the basketball. He practiced every day with my friends. I always dreamed to play in the big leagues like the NBA and be a great player.

My favorite players are Michael Jordan and Kobe Brayant. Kobe is currently a stunning move of game for his team the Lakers in Los Angeles, California. Michael Jordan in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s was also one of the best players for the team of the Chicago Bulls. It's been better scoring and several times was the player of the year. Both players have an incredible talent by nature.

I love this sport and my mother always take good care of my diet consisting of vegetables, meat, lots of fruit and drink enough fluids at least for 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Water helps me to the hydration of the body in my system. A balanced diet is very important to stay strong and healthy as this sport requires much energy for this reason burn many calories. It is a great discipline and much resistance is why sports should be practicing much and stay healthy without any kind of habits like alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using drugs.

I belong to the team of my school and it is directed by my teacher of physical education, we practice on a daily basis to improve our techniques and to refine our strategies for better play on the Court. Tomorrow we play in the town of Aibonito and I know that we will win. We have worked hard to achieve victory.

The great day came...