Beginners guide for magic!

Essay by rai42rai October 2006

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First let me tell you that if you are not interested in making Magic and the Occult a way of life...... then you should not "Dabble" or mess with any of this information.

One must Master several things before ever attempting to do Spells! One should learn how the Universe works and know thyself physically and spiritually. One should study any and all "Occult books" you can get your hands on and study all aspects of the Occult. This means that you should also study different religions and keep and open mind.... for truly all religions are tied together.... and do not worry over who is right and who is wrong. The more knowledge you take in...... the smarter and more powerful you will become.... for the brain will grow new cells as we become more intelligent. Remember this..... never stop learning, no matter how much you know.

So here we go.....

1. I suggest that you study and Master my "Dream Recall". It is quite easy to learn and you will be amazed at the results. This is a must and will teach you much about yourself. It will also lead into "Astral Projection", later down the line. This should be practiced for several months, keeping a diary.

2. At this time you should also be learning to Meditate.... mastering the clearing of the mind of all unwanted thoughts. If you cannot meditate then you will never be able to do Magic with any real success. Concentration is very important when doing Spells and Magic..... for if you cannot concentrate on the Magic you are working.... how do you expect it to work? If you do not already know how to meditate.... I will be making a page on it soon. But for not, just sit and try to...