Behaviour Management Plan - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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IntroductionThe individual selected for the behavioural intervention program is a middle aged female in a middle to high economic area in the South Metropolitan area of Perth. For the purpose of the paper, this individual will be referred to as “Mary”.

Mary has been observed in her home environment and is exhibiting behaviours related to “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” (OCD). The behaviour is evident through Mary not being able to walk past something that is out of place, untidy, or requires some degree of cleaning. This behaviour is disruptive to Mary’s home life as this distracts her from what she is doing, therefore taking her twice as long to do any required tasks. This particularly occurs when Mary is trying to get ready to leave the house for any outing, for example work. Mary’s behaviour or actions are in turn causing a disruptive household to other family members and therefore this behaviour has been targeted for intervention.

The best way to describe Mary is a ‘neat freak’. It has been said that she keeps her home environment as a show home at all times. It is maintained in a way that it looks like no one lives there. It is not a home, rather than a show house, full of decorative and collectable items. If someone was to walk into her home and lean on the wall and leave a mark, she would get angry and clean it instantly (maybe not while the person is there – but the first possible moment). It is hard to be around Mary in her home environment as it is impossible to feel comfortable, in that you might accidently touch something and leave a mark on the bench and she would wipe it off and ask you to not lean on the bench.

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