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Television is part of the American culture. It benefits people in many ways. Many people use the television as a mayor part of information. Television is beneficial because it provides news, entertainment and education.

News is the first beneficial aspect of television. For example, people today need to watch the news to keep track of what is happening with the war in Iraq. Also, news provides information on weather, crime and many other news that are occurring around the world. Another example is that news gives people information on school closings and traffic before he or she may want to leave the house. These are some reasons why news on television are beneficial.

Entertainment is the second reason why television is beneficial. Entertainment takes peoples minds away from the bad situations that could be occurring in every day life. On the article "Friend or foe? The cult of tivo Cometh," Warren st John says that "people that use the device called tivo is a gods machine"(1).

This is because tivo is a device that records one's favorite entertainment shows and the only shows they might enjoy(1). Also at the same time this device deletes all of the commercials so viewing can be more pleasurable(st John,1). For example, entertainment television can have on going programs twenty fours hours a day. Entertainment is the second reason why television is beneficial.

The final reason why television is beneficial is because it is educational for adults and kids. For example, some channels that are educational are Discovery, TLC, Court Tv, Discovery Health and many more. People that watch educational television can find interesting topics that they may want to make a career out of. Also, children can benefit from educational television. For example, children watch shows like blues clues, sesame street that entertain them and educate them. Also, these channels teach children manners and many important things that they may have to learn. This is how television is beneficial for educational purposes.

In conclusion, the reasons listed above are why television is beneficial to the American life style. By watching television, people learn new information that was not know before. Television is beneficial because of news, entertainment and education.

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