Beowulf’s Encounter

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After Beowulf's victor over Grendel's mother and leaves with Grendel's head unknownly there was a snake like creator lurking around watching his every move. As Beowulf left the sea the snake spotted him with Grendel's head in his hands and knew he was the one that killed him. The snake was dark and furious he wanted to attack Beowulf right then and there but he though he should wait. The snake was a family friend who was really close. The snake like creature wasn't very long or so it seemed, very slimily ane every where he when he left a trail of slime behind. He was as strong as an ox and he eyes are like fire glowing in the night.

The snake waited til last night when everyone was sleep and creep into Danes Hall like lighten, hissing vigorously. He when under the doors and quietly slid along the corner of the walls trying to find Beowulf. Beowulf was the only person he was after and had no time to waste whereas it would soon be light. Finally the snake found Beowulf sound asleep as he slid across the room not making a sound. He creeps up slowly onto Beowulf's bed and under the sheets. The snake tried to bit Beowulf but didn't succeed because of the armed he had on. Beowulf's armor saved him once again he was so tired from fighting Grendels' mother that he didn't even wake up. The snake had to find a different approach so he did. The snake got as close as he could to Beowulf's head without waking him up and before he could blink his eyes he leaped and toss his body around his neck and started to squeeze tightly. Beowulf woke up in a panic but when he saw the creature and his size he didn't see a challenge. Beowulf tried to put the snake from around his neck but couldn't because of the slime his hands just slip off.

Beowulf underestimates the strength of the snake and he started to choke slowly loosening his breath. Then Beowulf takes his sword and thrust the snake off of him the snake flings off and hit's the wall so hard that everyone woke up. The soldiers came running to see what's going on and when they saw they started to back up. The soldiers were afraid so they stood outside of the room safe distance. Beowulf then steeps on his tail and it fell off and grew back instantly. Then the snake raps around Beowulf legs making him fall down. Beowulf then notices his eyes and he stabs them in look like red mercury squirted out of them and the snake started to lose his strength and tried to run away. Beowulf takes his sword one last time and chops off his head the tail of the snake keep move for a while then it when up in flames blood flew everywhere. The soldiers came in and put out the fire. Everyone what amazed of what they saw blood all over the room dripping of the wall. Beowulf picked up the head and brought it to the King. He thanked him and gave him spoils. Everyone loved Beowulf for protection them and they show their respect.