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Newspaper, radio, television and Internet are the common media to report the current events around the word. Among them, the Internet does the best job of reporting the news. It provides the highest flexibility to its readers.

First, there is no limitation of space. It is impossible to put everything on the newspaper, and report every event on the radio and television. There types of media can only report the summary of the issues. On top of that, they do not announce boring issues to the public. With today's technology, the Internet is capable of storing massive amount of information. When the people read a piece of news on the Internet, they do not read the plain text only. All of the vivid pictures, interesting audio clips and live videos are also uploaded onto the Internet to help them get a full picture of the issue. Since the Internet does not have a space limit, almost all the news can be put on a web site.

When news is not reported on newspaper, radio or television, people who still have a chance to read it on the web site. For example, when W. Bush made the speech on the U.S. terrorist attacks, he announced the further plan and action to his citizens. The whole speech was too long to present by newspaper, radio or television. But, on the Internet, readers can download the complete original speech.

In addition, the Internet has no limitation of time. Each radio station and television channel have their own board casting schedules. If their audience miss a particular news schedule, they have to wait for next reporting period. There is no freedom for the audience to choose when they are going to watch or listen to the news. However, for people who are...