Beyond The Boundary Lines

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"Beyond the Boundary Lines" Anne Hutchinson was a historical woman leader banished for her beliefs. She challenged the roles of the Puritan society by expressing her beliefs, and led authority figures to disregard her and others beliefs.

Anne's beliefs started young. After her birth in 1951, her father Francis Marbury, became a deacon at Christ Church in Cambridge. Francis spoke out intently about his convictions of many ministers; that they were unfit to guide people's souls. He continued to voice his opinions and he eventually stopped, but it was because of his choice to live with that of an improper church than to be continuously arrested. Her father's ambitions aided to Anne's later independence. As she watched and read about her father's religious convictions.

Anne married Will Hutchinson and raised 15 children. Every Sunday Anne and her family would attend church several miles away to listen to a preacher named John Cotton. John gave fiery sermons, unnatural in church. At that time his focus was on the current Church of England's corruption of modern life. Cotton was a puritan who rebelled against the Catholic Church, including Anne and John who had much of the same beliefs as a Puritan, in their strive for religious freedom. However, Anne took her beliefs to a further extent.

With all the excitement in religious struggles of this time, she based her opinions on the study of the Bible, proposing her own doctrine, believing that faith alone is the necessary need for salvation. Anne's community didn't favor her ideas, so she expressed them in the privacy of her own home. As a result of these teachings she was banished from the church. She wished to remain a member of the church for she only disagreed with a few teachings of the church.

John Winthrop,