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In the book of Ruth from the bible there are three things that I liked while reading it. The voice of Ruth, the way the text is written and the overall theme of the story.

While reading this story, Ruth's voice sounds somewhat childish. The feeling that I received is that Ruth is either a young girl or simply a women that is mentally ill. On the other hand, this is the bible and therefore by ruling out this possibility that she is either of the two is narrowed. Therefore she must be a child. She states that, "I want to go wherever you go and to live wherever you live." (Ruth 1:16) I thought that this was very interesting. When she says this to Naomi, it is almost that she is a daughter of some sort that is willing to hang all over her mother etc. That, to me, seems very childish and the real question is what the author is trying to tell us.

That it is ok to have a shadow or simply that young one would rather be what we are. In my own experiences, I have noticed, just by memory, that when I was younger, I always wanted to hang around my brother. In this story this must be the case. "Your people will be my people and your God my God. 17 Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried." This section from the story proves that she wanted to be like her mother, sister etc. I just thought that it was a little strange that she wanted to do everything that everyone else did.

The writing of this story seemed very easy to read rather than the writing in the beginning of the bible. Finally we got past...