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Biblical Worldview relates to many aspects of life especially business. We must first identify three types of people. First, genuine people are proactive to living out God's word. Second, fakes are people who pretend to live out God's word. Third, there are people who make no claim to their belief or disbelief. Regardless of people's opinion we are all God's people. God is incomprehensible and sovereign.

People that reject the Biblical Worldview are rejecting God's word. Anyone that rejects God's work is wrong. One major reason that people may reject the Biblical Worldview is because they do not understand their stance as business people. Business people do have a place in God's ministry. God needs business people, preachers, etc... Any occupation presents the opportunity for an expression of worship. The businessman may be like David and through their works show fairness and respect to others. In turn their views may alter.

In conclusion, God made the universe the way he saw fit. God also created everyone for a purpose and everyone has the ability to contribute to Biblical Worldview. Although many people may be confused in their belief, many people will begin to believe when genuine people show God's spirit within them through their work.