The big boom of criminals in prisons. To Rehabilitate Or Not?

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Many analysts are warning that the generation of the baby boomers form the fifties may cause a pharmaceutical crisis as they get close to seniority. But a more serious problem that is facing California and the rest of the nation is the big boom of criminals in prisons. California now has an overcrowded inmate population of about 198 percent!

California is faced with numerous obstacles in the prison system crisis. On top the of list of problems that our state is facing are overcrowded prisons, the ridiculous budget that our state spends on prisons, and no real rehabilitation programs to keep prisoners from returning to jail. Preventative measure must also be considered in the fight against crime and over crowded prisons, which is why California law enforcement agencies have a role to play in this issue. Since preventing and even predicting crimes will reduce the number of criminals that exist in our prisons.

According to Patrick Marshall of the CQ Researcher, the reason of the massive over population in California is due to some of the toughest mandatory sentencing laws in the nation. Laws, such as the "Three Strike and You're Out", have reduced the crime rate on the streets, by putting third time offenders with two felonies in jail with a mandatory sentencing of 25 years to life. A large number of these offenders are facing 25 years to life for minor offenses simply because it is their third offense. The law was introduced with the intent to cleanse the streets and protect the innocent from potential criminals, and so far it has been successful. (Marshall, Patrick) However, this law, which has been in effect for the last decade or so, has created a critical problem with prisons being filled with minor offenders that are sentenced for long periods...