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Weekly Reflection

(Week of Practicum: from 9/9/2013 - 11/9/2013)

Name: Lau Man Shan Student no: 10949118

Class size: 15 (half class) Age group: 5-6 (K3)

In the second week of my practicum, the class teacher of K3 was absent on Wednesday. I was too confused to help the substitute teacher to run the class that I did not know the detail lesson plan of the activities and did not familiar with the schedule. I am not yet a reliable teacher that I cannot maintain the process of that day and the K3 student need to learn in a not well prepared class. For the substitute teacher who might expect that I knew more than her, I feel sorry to her. I hope I can get used to the kindergarten process, especially the duration of the activities, very soon and at least be a good teaching assistant next time when the teacher is absent.

This Tuesday, I try to read a story book to six children of the class, however, I made a bad book choice that the book has many repeated words that may be too bored to K3 children. I can see some of the child was looking at the toys and I need to get their attention back by speaking louder. Next time, I should find an interesting book which can attract children and keep their eyes on it.