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Bill Haveron is an artist friend of mine that lives in Dallas, Texas. He is a white male, 49 years old, a true native Texan. He speaks with a high-pitched twang, looks you straight in the face and has an embodiment that draws your attention. The high-pitched twang can only be compared to a squeaky hinge that makes audible words. His major head of curly blonde hair, that looks greasy wet, is the first thing you notice about him. Sometimes it hides his face, but usually just frames in his pointed nose, blue eyes and slender lips. Bill probably stands about 5’11’’, of course probably much shorter when his boots are taken off.

Adjectives of bizarre and eccentric can’t describe Bill appropriately. He is a unique character that is able to color the world in whatever shade he deems appropriate. Being an artist has allowed him to keep a rather relaxed wardrobe.

One can always find Bill, adorned in cowboy boots, usually expensive ones, blue jeans with the knees worn thin, and some type of plaid button-down short sleeve shirt. Bill doesn’t smoke cigarettes, but he certainly looks like he enjoys marijuana. We have never really discussed what drugs he currently uses, but I know first-hand that during the 70’s acid was hip.

Bill also thinks that every woman is in love with him. Maybe not every women but he says that women are always trying to get him. That he just has “this attraction.” The man loves talking about my lizard suit. To this day I have no clue what the reference is. He told me that he is going to paint me in my lizard suit, so I guess I will eventually find out. He also likes to say “oh (insert your name here)” whenever you got his attention or when he is in disbelief of what you said.

I certainly have never noticed if Bill has a smell or not. He is certainly not the type of guy you would lean in and sniff. I can say though I like Bill allot and enjoy his company. He is full of lively stories and can captivate your attention well. He is also good at showing a genuine interest in you, what you have to stand for, and that by far may be an odd character attribute theses days.