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My Favorite Bill of Rights After I read the U.S. Constitution my favorite section was the Bill of Rights. If we did not have these Amendments our country would be a big fight between each other. Because most of the amendments protects each person to have the right to a trial or protects our country and gives it peace. After I read all the amendments the ones I liked the most were Amendment 13. Slavery Abolished (1865), Amendment 15. Right to Vote (1870), and Amendment 19. Women Suffrage (1920).

Amendment 13 was passed by congress January 31, 1865 and Ratified December 6, 1865. This amendment was not my favorite amendment but was one of the three I liked the most out of all of them. The reason for that is because everyone should be treated the same because no one on this earth is better than anyone else by the color of there skin.

And the abolish of slavery I think brought the country together better. Because now blacks and whites have equal things and no one could be mad at each other because someone has more stuff than they do or someone is telling them what to do and they have to do it. So after this amendment was made it made the people get alone better and gave the country allot more peace and freedom.

Amendment 15 was passed by congress February 26, 1869 and Ratified February 3, 1870. This amendment was my favorite one out of them. I liked this one because people in our own country could know decides who is the head of our country instead of certain people who discuss it and then pick our president. This also gave peace to our country because now the people decide whom our president instead of...