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What is a bimetallic strip made of? A bimetallic strip is two thin strips of different kinds of metal bonded together. It is a thermally sensitive device. You can use any two kinds of metal, like brass or iron. Or any strong type of thing , like masking tape and scotch tape.

How does a bimetallic strip work? "It bends with any change in temperature, since the extent to which the two metals expand in response to a given change of temperature will generally differ." This means it will change and show a difference when the bimetallic strip is changing temperature. There are two ways heating and freezing.

Where do we use bimetallic strips? Bimetallic strip can be used to measure temperature or as a means of temperature -sensitive control. Also you use them to turn pointers, regulate a valve, or operate a switch. While using a thermostat you have to use a bimetallic strip to work it.

What the bimetallic strip does is bends back and forth to which opens and closes the circuit. If the room becomes cold it will go to the brass side that makes it close an electric switch that opens on heat. Also when the room becomes warm it the coil bends on the toward the iron side which opens the switch and makes it cold.

Refrigerators use this system, so they won't be to cold or to hot. We also use them for oven thermometers, toasters, and automatic chokes on carburetors.

Example of experimenting: When bimetallic strip with two types of metals, brass and iron, is heated the difference in the amounts of expansion of brass and iron shows up easily. One side of the double strip becomes longer then the other. Causing it to bend in a curve. But when the strip is cooled, it bends in the opposite direction, because the metal that expands the most also contracts the most.