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This biology experiment was conducted in order to see if the change in environmental factors had any effect on enzyme activity.

The Effect of Temperature on Enzyme ActivityAbstractThis biology experiment was conducted in order to see if the c ... on enzyme activity. I tested the effects of the environment of enzymes by comparing three different temperatures' affects on milk and its glucose levels. The end result proved that environmental facto ... substrate, the reaction does not take place. Enzymes are affected by environmental factors such as temperature, pH, and salinity, each dependent on their individual makeup. I will be testing the affe ...

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Biology-action of amylase enzyme on starch

AimWe are trying to find out how the action of amylase enzyme on starch is influenced by temperature.PredictionMy prediction is that the lower the temperature the longer it will take for th ... n heated under a Bunsen burner while in a water bath. When the two substances had reached a certain temperature we added them both together into the separate test tube. From that point onwards we took ... the amylase enzyme/starch had turned a pure yellow.ResultsAmount of amylase(ml)Amount of Starch(ml)Temperature of two substances (degrees Celsius)Time taken to turn pure yellow (minutes)1122071123061 ...

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Beetroot cell membrane permeability experiment

actual experiment.·I could also test to see if the leakage of dye worked better in different temperature, e.g if at lower temperatures no dye leaked out I could use higher temperatures from the ... his experiment, which will need to be controlled to prevent it becoming an unfair test, these are: -Temperature - Due to the fact that membranes are made of proteins, temperature is a very important f ...

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"To Build A Fire by Jack London.

ader for what seemingly begins as an adventure by foot. It indulges the reader into considering the temperature and the long journey the man has to encounter, knowingly, according to our reality, that ... the man has to encounter, knowingly, according to our reality, that it is unsafe to withstand such temperatures for long periods of time. At this point there is little significance as to what the fel ...

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This is a Biology Report that includes a hypotheses, thesis statement, materials, problem, data, conclusion, research, and procedure.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: What affect does water temperature have on the amount of light given off from a fishing glow-stick?RESEARCH: Some advertise ... and put them both in 20 degrees Celsius water and just leave the controlled variable one alone. The temperature of the water is the manipulated variable. The amount of light in lumens is the respondin ... ble. The amount of light in lumens is the responding variable. Then add ice in the beaker until the temperature drops down to 5 degrees Celsius and record the brightness in lumens. Then take some ice ...

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The Effect of temperature on beetrootThis experiment is designed to investigate the effect of varying temperature ... of varying temperature (centigrade) on beetroot and its cells.My earlier experiment suggest that as temperature increases the integrity of the beetroot cell membrane will be destroyed and a subsequent ... I would choose a dependent variable as well as an independent one. The independent variable is the temperature at different degrees. 6 different temperatures (around: 10˚, 20˚, 30˚, 40 ...

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Beetroot cell membranes

same size beetroots will be used throughout the experiment this is to ensure that the impact of the temperature on every sample will stay the same, i.e. if having a bigger beetroot sample less pigment ... i.e. if having a bigger beetroot sample less pigments will be released into the test tube at lower temperature, or having a smaller beetroot sample more pigment will be released into the test tube. T ...

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Changes of activity level with tail oscillation of goldfish, Carassius auratus, exposed to various temperatures.

CTThe purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship of the activity level of goldfish as temperature increases. Number of tail oscillations in 60 seconds of goldfish has been tested at 8oC, ... s been tested at 8oC, 18oC and 28oC in two separately trials by using timer and clicker and at each temperature 6 same sized and coloured goldfish was tested. In trial one, the mean number of tail osc ...

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Cooling of the Human Body with Respect to Vaporization of Sweat

The average skin temperature for a typical person is around 34 deg C as opposed to the normal core body temperature o ... to the normal core body temperature of 37 deg C. A function of human physiology is to regulate body temperature by means of perspiration in conditions where the skin temperature approaches or exceeds ... eans of perspiration in conditions where the skin temperature approaches or exceeds 37 deg. As skin temperature increases above 37 deg C, the amount of perspiration will increase (Freudenrich).To conv ...

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Brisbane Forest Park Field Study Write Up

s found in each ecosystem4. Apparatus/Materials- CBL2 data collector plus Texas T1 - 83 calculator- Temperature probe attached to CBL2 for ambient temperature reading- Temperature probe for soil- Ligh ... table 2.4. Similarly, at each location record data for the following abiotic factor:- Ambient (air) temperature (using digital temperature probe)- Soil temperature (using soil temperature probe)- Rela ...

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Bimetallic Strip

, like masking tape and scotch tape.How does a bimetallic strip work? "It bends with any change in temperature, since the extent to which the two metals expand in response to a given change of temper ... iffer." This means it will change and show a difference when the bimetallic strip is changing temperature. There are two ways heating and freezing.Where do we use bimetallic strips? Bimetallic s ...

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Change In Matter

of this experiment is to show a change of state in a substance, and to find out what happens to the temperature during a change of state.Hypothesis If the ice cube melts, it will turn into water, if t ... What We Measured State Temperature Weight of beaker- 132.10g Weight of ice- 104.68g Temperature of ice per min.- 6 degrees ...

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Biology AT1 'rate Of Reaction' Planing And Obtaining

ological substances into fatty acids and in this case maltose.The factors that effect enzymes are- *temperature: Increasing the temperature leads to an increase of particle movement and increases the ... zyme hitting a starch particle. When they do collide they link together and react so an increase in temperature causes a higher rate of enzyme reaction. Above about 60? enzymes begin to collapse causi ...

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The aim of our lab was to determine the specific heat of copper and to compare with the actual result and then find the experimental error.

sci122/Programs/p21/image.gifAim:Specific heat is the amount of heat per mass required to raise the temperature of 1ºC. Different materials have different specific heats. The aim of our lab was t ... the lab by filling our calorimeter with 100 cm³ of water from the tap. We recorded the initial temperature into our chart and continued to work. We took the cylindrical copper and put it into the ...

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Building a Passive Wine Cellar

k, it should be free of vibration and, above all else, and it should reduce both daily and seasonal temperature variations to a minimum.Ideal Cellar Conditions The siting, or placement, of your wine c ... first major decision. There are four components of ideal cellar conditions: an absolutely constant temperature, varying between neither day and night nor summer and winter; substantial humidity; a ve ...

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Chemistry Lab : Determining the melting point

up 3) Place into the hot water.4) Wait till chemical melts.5) Lift clamp out of water.6) Record the temperature at which it crystallizes.7) Repeat for 3 good values.8) Repeat 1-7 for chemical B.III. R ... 70.8 3) 72.6 3) 71.4 AVERAGE: 71 67.7 VI. Error Analysis: 1) One problem we had was estimating the temperature of the melting point because we weren?t quick enough to read it before it started to coo ...

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Catalase Lab Report

ion will help indicate the speed of the reaction. The purpose of this experiment is to find out how temperature, pH, and concentration affect the rate of oxygen production. The experimental hypotheses ... heses are: as the catalase concentration increases, the rate of oxygen production will increase, as temperature increases, the rate of oxygen production will increase, and as the pH increases, the rat ...

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Chemistry - Discovering Gas Laws Notes

ent, you will generate data to develop hypotheses that relate pressure and volume, and pressure and temperature. In the first case, you will compress and expand a sample of air and measure how its pre ... will be used to help us understand the relationships between pressure and volume, and pressure and temperature.2. When varying pressure and volume (as in Boyle’s Law) to understand how they are ...

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Biology: Experiment- The Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Rennin

Aim: The aim of the experiment is to test the effect temperature has on the activity of the enzyme rennin.Hypothesis: I believe the rate of reaction will ... n the activity of the enzyme rennin.Hypothesis: I believe the rate of reaction will speed up as the temperature increases until it reaches about 37oC, which is the body temperature, where it will begi ... here it will begin to slow down and stop reacting. I believe this will occur because enzymes have a temperature range at which they work best in and once the temperature goes out of this range the enz ...

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General Chemistry

the specific heat of the calorimeter, it basically measures how much heat is required to raise the temperature by one degree measurement of temperature, within the calorimeter. It is important to mea ... The error in part 4 could have been caused by failing to take accurate assessments of the change in temperature at the correct. Perhaps a mistake was made with the calculation of the change in enthalp ...

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