Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents who were itinerant actors and died while Edgar and his siblings were young at age. His father David Poe Jr. died in 1810 and a year later his mother, Elizabeth Hopkins Poe died in 1811, leaving three children in the household. Edgar was taken into the home of a Richmond merchant John Allan, while his remaining siblings were cared for by others. Poe's brother, William died young and sister Rosalie become later insane.

At the age of five Poe could recite passages of English poetry. Later one of his teachers noticed that Poe had a talent in poetry. Poe was brought up partly in England, where he attended Manor School at Stoke Newington. Poe later attended the University of Virginia, but was expelled for not paying his gambling debts who never wanted to pay debts.

In 1826 Poe became engaged to Elmira Royster, but her parents broke off the engagement.

In 1833 Poe lived in Baltimore with his father's sister Mrs. Maria Clemm. After winning a prize of $50 for the short story 'MS Found in a Bottle,' he started career as a staff member of various magazines, among others the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond, Burton's Gentleman's Magazine in Philadelphia, and Graham's Magazine. During these years he wrote some of his best-known stories.

In 1836 Poe married his 13-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm. She had burst a blood vessel in 1842, and remained a virtual invalid until her death from tuberculosis five years later. After the death of his wife, Poe began to lose his struggle with drinking and drugs. And later began several romances, including an affair with the poet Sarah Helen Whitman. In 1849 Poe become again engaged to Elmira Royster, who was at that time Mrs. Shelton.