Biography of Saddam Hussein

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Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein is thought of to be one the most evil men in the world next to Osama bin Laden. Yet, in his country of Iraq, he is believed to be very beloved by the people of his nation, but there are some that want him out of power. The United States tried unsuccessfully to target him during the Gulf War in February 1991, however, they confidently expected the Iraq leader to be gone within months. He is believed to be a very paranoid person, he even has a body double that was surgically made to look like him. He is so paranoid that he never stays in the same place two nights in a row. This paper is basically about current events that have been going on in the world in the past few months that involves Saddam and other people in the Middle East.

Saddam has shown a remarkable ability to survive and to rebuild his military to almost its peak potential and the US are threatening to lead air strikes over weapons inspections.

Iraq is able to produce chemical and biological weapons within weeks, a long-range missile within a year and a nuclear weapon in five years. It would also be enough time to make up 350 liters of Anthrax a week, enough for two missile warheads, or enough to kill hundreds of thousands of people (Peterson 9). Not much is known about the weaponry that the Iraqi military has since the United Nations cannot inspect their weapons due to being repeatedly rejected by Saddam Hussein (Peterson 9). In the past few weeks in September 2002, there have been talks between the U.N. and Iraqi official about U.N. inspections ("U.N., Inspections"). Not many people believe that he will allow these inspections. Many think that...