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Alex Heitlinger Alex Heitlinger, 22, will graduate in May from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Music in Trombone Performance. Before moving to Colorado, Alex went to high school in Tucson, AZ. There, he studied trombone with Tom Ervin (Professor of Trombone, University of Arizona), Steve Gamble (2nd trombonist, Tucson Symphony), Edward Ulman (formerly director of Tucson Jazz Society, currently director of New Mexico Jazz Workshop), Rob Boone (award winning jazz trombonist), and Douglas Klein (trombonist and former director of education and outreach for Tucson Symphony). While in high school, Alex performed in a number of All-State and regional bands, orchestras, and jazz bands. As a composer, he had a composition, Fantasy, performed and recorded by the Tucson Pops Orchestra. Since moving to Colorado in 1998, he has studied trombone with William Stanley (Professor of Trombone, University of Colorado) and Paul Naslund (2nd trombonist, Colorado Symphony).

He has also studied jazz improvisation, jazz piano, and composition with Greg Dyes (former Professor of Jazz Piano, University of Colorado), and Art Lande (jazz pianist/drummer/composer). Alex has been very active as a performer in recent years, both at the University and beyond. At the University, he has performed as principal or lead trombonist in all the top major ensembles (Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensemble). He has also been active as a chamber musician, performing in brass quintets, trombone quartets, and a number of stylistically diverse jazz combos (including three years in Combo #1). Outside of the University, he has performed with the Tucson Symphony, Tucson Pops Orchestra, and the Tucson Jazz Orchestra. He also performed as principal trombonist of the Philharmonia Orchestra of Tucson in a performance with world-renowned soprano Faye Robinson at Carnegie Hall in 2000. In Colorado, he has been an in-demand trombonist, performing with groups including (but not limited to) the Boulder Brass, the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, the Denver Municipal Jazz Band, and Cojunto Colores (a Denver-based salsa band). He has performed on several occasions with Art Lande (including his own compositions) and he also performed for one year with Joel Kaye's Neophonic Jazz Orchestra (the only functioning professional big band in Denver), recording two CDs on the Vartan Jazz label. In 2001, Alex helped found the Tonic Brass, a brass quintet of local musicians seeking to further the genre and has been performing with them ever since. Alex is active in many other areas outside of performing. He has taught privately and worked as a clinician at various schools. As vice president of the College of Music Student Union, he organized CU's annual Music Day in 2001 and 2002. In 2000, Alex helped found the Coalition for Creative Music, a student organization that presents concerts and clinics with unique and innovative musicians from around the world. For the last two years, he's been involved with every aspect of presenting these events including booking venues, making contracts, publicizing the events, and various other logistical issues. Alex's rich and varied experiences have left him with skill as a performer/composer, and a good understanding of the business end of the music industry.