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Physics Honors Period 6B

5 June 2013

Career Term Paper: Biologist

Have you ever seen on the Internet or news when a plant or animal goes extinct due to a parasite? Or perhaps when an animal is discovered and studied, who is responsible? This is the complete job of a biologist. A biologist is an occupation that is very diverse, with tens of different fields to go into. This occupation is very important to society. The biologists study the environment and how to improve the methods of preserving and saving it. Also, all of these ways benefit the ecosystem, fish, and animals living around that environment. Even though all of the fields are different in one-way or another, but they are all very similar. This occupation has caught my attention for many reasons, but one particular way sticks out. I love working with animals and this job offers a perfect opportunity for that.

My preferred fields are marine biology or environmental biology/ zoology because they are hands on with the animals and fish. Even though I really do not want to sit behind a desk or in a lab all day, I will do anything in this field that requires working with animals, in the field or in the lab.

The biology field shows promise in advancement and employment opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for biologists is predicted to increase by nine percent through 2016. Many opportunities will also come about as a result of biologists retiring, being promoted, or transferring to other jobs. However, job prospects vary in the different biological fields. For example, opportunities for marine biologists are limited but molecular biologists have more openings. Many experts in the field report that job...