BIRAC Analysis: Blockbuster Inc.

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IntroductionIn this BIRAC analysis, Blockbuster Inc. will be reviewed from the perspective of its online rental services and issues associated with this product. Blockbuster is neither a company I have worked for or would like to work for, but it does offer services at locations I patron and its business structure does interest me. Blockbuster is known globally and continues to establish itself as a leader in a market in spite of the nature of their inflexible product diversification. Although faced with negative publicity in the past for its unfair return policies and the center of a well known class action suit, Blockbuster remains a house hold name and continuously challenges the competition to provide a more complete home entertainment service.

BackgroundEstablished in 1985, Blockbuster is a large organization with over 8,000 locations globally and offers a full range of products including online rentals, DVD and VHS in store rentals, games, gift and membership certificates as well as low cost movie products such as previously viewed movies and games.

Blockbuster offers a variety of membership packages that address all lifestyle needs called BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium™, BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™, and BLOCKBUSTER® By Mail. In addition to their products and services, Blockbuster believes in their social responsibility and is a contributor to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as well as the Children's Miracle Network. In addition they have been recognized by minority groups as one of the top 100 companies providing opportunities of employment to Black and Hispanic communities. Amongst the organizations they support are; NAACP, LULAC, GLAAD and the National Urban League. With a leadership position in the entertainment industry, Blockbuster has the opportunity to capitalize on their popularity and reputation for high quality products and services and is committed to continual improvement as the movie rental industry...