TO (blank) or not to (blank) that is the question

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To jump or not to jump that is the question,

So what if it's a transgression

I would rather burn in hell

At least then it will be without choice that I suffer

I could leave this treacherous place,

Which makes me think of death

And continue to a place of torture

Yet I don't know if there is such a place

So it is when life turns to the worst

That I decide to place my bets that there will be no such place

Or should I wait this anger, pain and suffering out

Is there anything to wait for?

Will this get any better?

Is there a reason to stay around?

Would I be missing much if I went on a human flying mission?

I wouldn't want to miss out on anything important

But it hurts so much here

There are so many reasons why I would rather go

And only an imagination that makes me want to stay

What could be, would be, and should be

Might be

That hope keeps me planted

But what do I do now?

The world is a terrible place

When no one is around

A feeling of seclusion leaves me wondering

I'm all alone on this ledge

With no one to guide me through this

No one told me what to expect on the way down

Will I just chicken out of this to?

Am I just going to walk away from another challenge?

Well I guess I am a quitter

Just another reason to jump

But should I just wait one more day?

Maybe it will get better

Maybe I'll be happy tomorrow

But maybe I won't

What if it hurts more tomorrow?

Could I bear to feel my heart pound and stomach turn again?

So should I leap to...