Blanket of flags: What the flag really stands for

Essay by vinni119 October 2004

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Blanket of flags

What does the flag really stand for? The flag is seen everywhere, but do the people that have it know its true meaning. How many people have been hurt because of this new surge of patriotism? How much money has been wasted because of this new patriotism? Patriotism is something that can't be measured or have a set level place to it because it is intangible. America must understand that hiding behind a blanket of flags isn't going to protect it forever, but respecting ones thoughts and feelings will. I'd rather see people donating more time and energy in helping each other than worrying about if their flag is hanging correctly from the porch.

When Patriotism becomes too great it does run amuck; society wants everything to be American and anything that tries to change this is wrong. "America should love their country, but not to the extent that they forget what it stands for" (Sahramaa p.240).

This seems to be not the meaning for which patriotism was to stand for but a much darker meaning for which it stands for now. However, people will go along with it because they hope that they are not look down upon by the public for not joining in.

Like a one week fad of particular apparel, if you're not wearing it you're out. People seem to have no ability to say want they want because the country is against them. People say they are patriotic, but how can you really tell if someone is or not. Anyone can say they are patriotic, but can they prove it. Does a flag really describe the person enough to tell who they are?

In the end do citizens confuse patriotic with being a good person. A good person doesn't have to vote...