Blessing Commentary

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Blessing Commentary

The poem "Blessing" by Imtiaz Dharker is set in a village that is experiencing a drought (Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker). The poem talks about the villagers' reaction when they encounter water on a hot day. One of the perpetually noticeable ideas is that water is highly essential and that it is very precious. Through the use of linguistic devices, certain words and religious references the poet enriches the meaning of the poem and conveys vividly the importance of water.

The subject of the poem is water: how it is a necessity and the scarcity of water in the area the poem is set in. Through the use of language in the poem, the readers are able to see that Dharker, in this poem, considers water very important and precious, and that humans will suffer without it. This idea is highlighted in the first line of the poem, which is "the skin cracks like a pod".

This simile highlights desiccation experienced by the villagers. It also conveys to the readers that the extent to which the water is absent is highly significant that cracks start to form on the skin due to the absence of water. Another example of water being considered highly valuable in the poem is the poet's use of the metaphor "the sudden rush/of fortune". This image resembles a jackpot winning scene, whereby money is coming out of the jackpot machine continuously. The use of the word "fortune" implies that water here is valued as a priceless object. The fact that this particular word is usually associated with enormous sums of money and wealth conveys to the readers the idea that the water that spills from the "municipal pipe" is almost of incalculable value and is highly sought after. This idea of...