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Blink 182's persona, as seen in the album take off your pants and jacket, is that of a teenagers sturggles. This persona is evident in the lyrics though out the song as well as the cover art of Take off Your Pants and Jacket. Blink-182 consists of Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge and Travis Barker. When Mark was 14 his parents divorced(which led to a popular song stay together for the kids) went to live with his dad in Washington. While there his dad gave him his first bass and amp when he was 15 in return for helping to paint his house. One more interesting fact is that Mark orginally wanted to be a high school teacher until he discovered his love for music. Joining band next was Tom. Now Tom was and is today still convinced that aliens exist and acutually named a song after it. A good quote from the this song is "You used to read me stories as if my dreams were boring.

We all know that conspiracys are real all right.." Next their was Travis one of the greatest drumer in my opinion of all time. He recieved his drum set at a young age and has played in several bands such as the Aqua Bats. Travis was one of the more crazy guys in the band as well as the most popular in my opion and has a shop called the Stars and Stripes which sells his own brand of clothes. The band had its humble beginning with Cheshire Cat which sold decently but with the release of Take off your Pants and Jacket which went platinum the band sky rocketed. They released several albums such as Enema of the State and their final cd entitled Blink 182. Now the reason for...