"Blogging and Its Impact on News Media" Term Paper

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The advance of information technology had a profound effect on our life. The rise of internet and the popularity of World Wide Web changes different aspects of human life. It opens up a plethora of opportunities and possibilities to be exploited. Many trends appeared based on internet technology like e-mail, sharing of digital information, electronic forum which replaced many traditional activities. One of the recent phenomena is blogging that draws a lot of attention in the intellectual community. Due to the growing popularity as a communication media its impact on public opinion and mass media are many fold. What is blogging? Why it is gaining popularity? What are the impacts on Education, Business, Politics and News media etc.? What are the pros and cons and what lies in future? This term paper is an effort in this direction to gain some insight of this phenomenon.


The term Blog is a short form of web log which is a website where entries are posted on a regular basis and displayed in chronological order.

The entries are called blog posts which are basically text, hypertext, images and links to other site or audio/video files. The author who maintains or updates the blog is called a blogger and this activity is called blogging. These blogs can be hosted in dedicated blog hosting services or it can be run by using blog software on general web hosting service that provides such facility. Some of the popular blog soft wares are Dasblog, Drupal, Geeklog, Live journal etc.1

A typical Blog post contains the following items: title, body, Permalink, date, comments, category, trackback and blogroll1. Permalink gives the address of the article where as comments are added by the reader. Generally blog focuses on certain area of interest which is shown by category. Trackback1...