Blood of a Warrior

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Tears of hopelessness shed my face. It seems as if I were trapped in a prison of my own heart, my body and soul encaged like a wild animal to the mercy of a crude and hurtful emotion! And unexplainable emotion, a mere feeling. Witch can cause unexplainable joy and ecstatic, but can be the same feeling that tears your soul apart into little pieces and can tear your heart into shreds of pain and love that has been broken! But with all that pain and agony I still manage to stay strong… a raging war inside of my mind when my mood is sorrow, but people see ecstatic and joy every tear that I shed is the souls of a dead soldier of my heart that fights for what is believes in, true and unconditional love, but what is true and unconditional can not be love I was blinded by my own heart as the ebony pitch black veil that covers my eyes from every rational explanation for the painless stabs that I have been given.

as soon as the veil was released from my blind eyes I could feel the knife cut through my skin as inserted deeper and deeper getting closer to my heart, as the cold and sharp metal touched my heart my heart broke into miniature pieces as if impossible to fix, and yet not blood was ever shed. filled with anger filled with pain engorged with all that is bad I will manage to stay strong one last time, as a knot enters my thought preventing me from bursting into everlasting tears, a laugh escapes my soul as the end grew closer my willingness to star strong weakened, and it ended… the willingness to stay strong was defeated by my pain by a cruel emotion a mere feeling, and soon the everlasting sorrow began and the tears that will never go away began to shed, but still no one could see them and that was it. the end of the end had finished and all that was left was a broke heart, inside a broken man, with a broken wrist witch now bleeds, and a broke life but what was once before shall never be because I will never love again, and all that will be left will be the memories of me.