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Boeing Aircraft is one of the world's largest builders of commercial aircraft. It is merged with McDonald Douglas and North American/Rockwell combined together, which lead to increase its offering to its customers.

These are the present aircraft of Boeing:


The Boeing Business Jet or BBJ have enough space for the entire team to be completely productive en route to global business destinations in the next hemisphere. The BBJ has nearly three times the space of other long-range executive jet, but at a comparable price. The BBJ has 25 percent more cabin space and twice the luggage space. Both have enough space, in fact, for every world traveler.


The 717 is one of Boeing commercial jet airplane family. Introduced to the world in October 1995, the Boeing 717-200 twinjet is a 21st century airplane. Environmentally friendly, it provides full-size jetliner comfort, low operating costs, and high schedule reliability to short-haul markets worldwide.

With a standard arrangement of 106 seats, it has been designed specifically for efficient short-hop service, short-field operations, fast turnaround at airport gates, and the ability to sustain 8 to 12 one-hour flights every day, day after day. The airplane can easily serve the routes in this market, which average 300 miles. Final assembly is in Long Beach, Calif.


Boeing developed the 737 to complement the 707 and 737. It was smaller and designed to provide economical short range air travel. It had the same upper deck as the other two planes, so the same cargo pallets could be used for all three jets. The 737-200s adopted the 727's cargo convertible features, which allowed the interior to be quickly changed from passenger to cargo use. It became known as the "square" airplane because it was as long as it was wide. New technology made the flight...