Book Analysis of "A World Lit Only By Fire."

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The novel, "A World Lit Only By Fire", contains information starting back around the Dark Ages, and focuses on daily life and religion around that time. The main focus of the novel was the failure of Europe in the early centuries. The novel covers nearly everything in the early centuries, starting from the Dark Ages and ending with Magellan. This novel contains detailed information, making it easier to understand what happened in the early ages, and how things were run around this time. There were many wars and state of affairs that molded Europe into what it is today. From around 850 A.D. to 1300 A.D., major events helped Europe form its government into what it is today. This novel clearly illustrates events that happened around this time. The first chapter in this book is the main chapter, having enormous amounts of information, starting from the Dark Ages and ending with Christianity.

The Dark Ages lasted around 600 years, starting around 400 A.D. and ending around 1000 A.D. During this period, the death rate and sickness rate were abundant. People were getting sick because there were not many good doctors and medicines during this time were nonexistent. People, along with the written literature of this time, died around the time. There is almost no saved literature from this time because not a lot was written.

Most people at this time were not literate; therefore the lack of written literature did not have a significant impact on them. During this time there were countless accounts of pillaging, looting, corruption, and murder. Murder and violence were the major themes around this time. There was no control over the people during this period, and originally had no government to establish any laws. The number of death soared to over millions due to...