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[LSGI1D03] - [Living in a dynamic earth]

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'Earth Science and Human History 101']

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CAR - Living in a dynamic earth

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Evolving from ape-man society to the advanced civilization nowadays, people start to inhabit in artificial concrete jungle and live far away from the given natural environment. With social progression and economic benefits, peoples' crave for natural resources keeps escalating from time to time. People have a great tendency to consume resources yet ignore the long-term behavioral consequences that are destined to cycle back eventually. The significance of sustainability is mostly overlooked. The book 'Human Science and Human History 101' considers the planet and human as a whole system and tells the story in an informational scientific way. The book contains four main topics.

Firstly introduce the formation history of the Earth and facts about different parts and components of the Earth to provide readers a solid concept and basis of the planet. Afterwards, it gradually explores the fact that human generation development and evolution are greatly determined by the changes on the Earth, for instance, the uncontrollable natural catastrophe-volcano eruption. Hence it evaluates the resulting impacts and relationships between human development and the Earth as a circulating ecosystem.

The first chapter starts with the exploration of the history and facts of atmosphere, oceans and rivers. An introduction of the atmosphere composition and certain scenarios of greenhouse effect and ozone depletion spark off the chapter. The sun gives life to the Earth. It provides a primary energy source to the Earth. Solar energy of the sun breeds and sustains the living things. Temperature on the Earth simply controls climates and determines changes on...