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Hurricane Katrina was one of the most dangerous hurricanes to ever hit the U.S coast. It caused a devastating damage to New Orleans, had an effect on the population of New Orleans and it had an effect on Louisiana. Because of this the preparations and emergency services were quite important. We also have to ask ourselves if there's anybody to blame for all the things that were caused to the people and city, then who? And what lesson can be learned from this event?

1. Where and how hurricane Katrina developed

Over south-eastern Bahamas the 23 of August a spiralling wind was produced which later turned into a tropical depression. Later, on the 24th of August it was declared that it had become a tropical storm due to the extra energy it had absorbed. It was also then that it was given its name. From there it kept moving towards southern Florida.

However, two hours before landfall between Hallandale beach and Aventura, the storm had absorbed enough energy (and developed a rising hot spiralling wind with cold air sinking down in the middle) to turn into a hurricane. This happened on the 25th of August. Then, on August 28th when Katrina was passing over the Mexican gulf, the warm ocean gave Katrina enough energy to reach its strongest point where it had sustainable wind speeds of 175 mp/h. Katrina had gone from a category 3 hurricane into a category 5 hurricane in only 9 hours. Normally, it takes a lot more time. On August 29th Katrina made landfall in Louisiana as a category 3 hurricane (sustainable wind speeds of 125 mp/h) where it had devastating effects, especially in New Orleans. Katrina kept moving north from here, slowly loosing strength until it disappeared.

This picture below...