Book report: "After the first death" by Robert Cormier

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Title: After the first death.

Author: Robert Cormier

Genre: Fiction - Suspense/Thriller

Setting: This book is set in the 80's outside a small military base in America but it could easily of been set in any western county in any modern time.

Plot: This book is written from inside the minds of three different teenagers. And shows the same events from each of their point of view. The book starts when a group of foreign terrorists takes a busload of children on their way to school hostage. The terrorists say that they will kill the children on the bus if there demands are not met. One of the narrators is the youngest of the terrorists. The other is the driver of the bus and the third is the son of the general who is the negotiator and is used as a go between. The story shows what is going through the head of the three Characters and shows how the events affect each of them.

Characters: Kate: Kate is the bus driver. She is only 16 years old and is filling in as bus driver for her uncle. Kate is the primary carer for the children and she feels responsible for there safety at well been. Kate is an attractive girl and she uses her beauty to get her way.

Miro: miro is the youngest member of the terrorist team. He is put in charge of keeping the occupants of the bus under control while the other members of the team negotiate. He is planing to kill his first person on this mission. Miro is to be mean and overpowering while he is on the bus but he cant help letting his feeling get in the way sometimes.

Ben: Ben is the son of the general who is in charge...