Book Report "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis

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"Out of the Silent Plane"t by Clive Staples Lewis

Scribner Classics, New York, 1996

Ransom's Escape from Malacandra

I enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and they are my favorite books. However, I dislike Out of the Silent Planet, because it is slow and boring. It is about Dr. Ransom escaping a planet, Malacandra, after Devine, his former classmate, and Weston capture him and bring him to Malacandra with them. I am surprised to realize the corruption of the human race. Devine and Weston wants to conquer Malacandra for the people of Earth to live in. Also, I am surprised how Ransom is an extremely courageous man and manages to escape Malacandra and his capturers Devine and Weston.

Ransom is on a trip where he goes around England and lives at inns or with strangers along the way. Ransom sees a house, and Ransom finds Devine and Weston at the house after he sneaks in.

Ransom hated Devine ever since they were classmates. Devine offers food and rest at his house. However, Devine put drugs into Ransom's drink. When Ransom realizes that he is drugged, he tries to escape but loses consciousness. He finds himself traveling in space when he awakens. His capturers need an additional person to bring with them to Malacandra. He arrives at Malacandra and finds that it has a weaker gravitational force, and he escapes by swimming in the water. He meets a creature, Hyoi, who is a hross. Ransom realizes that gold is very abundant in this land and thinks that Devine and Weston are there because of that. The hrossa, the plural of hross, invite him to join their hunt. They are hunting hnakra, a sea creature, and while hunting, he meets an eldil. They look like spirits and...