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BOOK REVIEW WRITING ASSIGNMENT The book that I have been reading is The English Patient. The author is .

it is book set back in WWI. A young nurse finds a man who skin was burnt off, who can't remember his life and name. He is later named the English Patient. The nurse finds a connection to him. She also finds that every time she gets close to a person they die. She leaves the military and finds a house to take care of the English patient.

But during that story it tells the story of the English patient, and he looses his true love and becomes the English Patient.

The house is in England during the first world war. Its sunny and bright but hell is all around. Army is marching through always. Bombs bursting near and mines all around. there stand an old abandoned home.

Its a country style Victorian house. Vines have grown all up the house. The white has been torn off from the years it has been deserted.

In the story of how the English patient had became, it starts in a desert. With dunes as far as the eye can see and the scorching sun upon there backs. When they are not in the desert there in a city full of people and happy stuff.

In the story of how the English Patient earned his name there in hard time. He is a Canadian spy acting as an airplane pilot flying people into the desert, he also acts as a tourist guide. A rich man and his wife come into the desert with him, the wife and the patient start to fall in love. With hard times they go through to be together they run off. Lost in a desert...