Book Review - "Congo" by Michael Crichton.

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In the novel "Congo", Travis, head of Travi-Com, a telecommunications firm, sends a group of scientists to the Congo in Zaire to gather diamonds needed to finish a breakthrough in laser communications technology.

The night the scientists spend in the Congo, they set up a camera for Travi-Com to see what was happening. The transmitting signal was lost before they could give Travi-Com details on the progress of their expedition. When they regained the signal they saw that some scientists were missing while others were dead at the campsite. It was clearly visible through the recording that the men were all killed by bloodthirsty gorillas.

Travis responds by sending a rescue team including Karen Ross, a one-time CIA associate, to find both his employees and the diamonds. Dr. Peter Elliot, a researcher on primate advancement, accompanies them on the trip hoping to return Amy, a gorilla he has taught to communicate and speak through the help of technology and sign language.

Mr. Herkermer, a Romanian Intelligence Agent, also accompanies them to the Congo. Mr. Herkermer believes that Dr. Elliot's gorilla can guide him to the Lost City of Zinj, where King Solomon's mines are located. Travis takes extra precautions this time and sends military artillery along.

African tribes try shooting down the plane as they fly across the Congo. The tribes hit the team's plane, causing everyone to jump, with parachutes, to the ground below. Once everyone was found, a campsite was set up around the exterior perimeter and surrounded with the extra military artillery (the military artillery was so advanced that it could detect where the bloodthirsty gorillas were and they could be killed even in the dark).

At night gunshots went off and the battle began. When morning came the team searched...