Book review on "Death on the Nile" by Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie is the author of Death on the Nile, which was published in 1936. This was her 31st novel of almost 90. This was also the 16th to feature Hercule Poirot.

This novel truly shows the heartless and savage things that we may do for love, passion, and money. This novel is a great example of what lengths people might take in the pursuit of happiness. The tone of the story is very suspenseful, and thrilling. This murder mystery keeps you guessing to the very end.

While on holiday in Egypt, Poirot investigates a traumatic murder. Agatha Christie puzzles readers with questioning themselves to where the velvet stole is? Who took the pearls? Where has the gun gone? How many of the passengers had a grudge against the victim? The suspects include an elderly American woman, her companion and her niece, an aristocratic Englishwoman and her son, an American lawyer, an Italian archaeologist, a young man with extreme political views, an English solicitor, and a famous novelist and her son.

There are many suspects which Poirot has to deal with, each with something to hide. Not to mention a passenger who is a government activist, a greedy lawyer, and a well planed jewelry robbery.

The action takes place aboard the S.S. Karnak. Following the murder, all passengers are set to stay onboard, so that the guilty person will be amongst them. As more murders occur, some passengers do not exactly enjoy being accused of the crimes. There is a long build up to the climax and actual crimes themselves, however, this is quite necessary to establish the relationships among the characters.

Linnet Ridgeway- Doyle a beautiful young rich heiress has almost everything she could ever want. But what she does not have she takes. When Jacqueline introduces...