Book Review : Girl with the Pearl Earring

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If you were blind, then you would have no appreciation for anything visual. Griet's father was lucky though because his daughter was able to describe pictures to him in a way that he could see them. Since the beginning of the book Griet showed that she saw things differently from others. When she'd make soup she'd arrange the vegetables so that "there were five slices: red cabbage, onions, leeks, carrots, and turnips" (5). She did this because "the colors fight when they are side by side" (5). However, her excellent insight became obvious when she was able to describe Johannes Vermeer's new painting to her blind father.

Griet's father was originally a tile painter until "one day the kiln exploded, taking his eyes and his trade" (7). Because of this, Griet had to start working for the painter Johannes Vermeer. He needed someone to clean his studio without moving anything.

She was use to doing this because of her father and her attention to detail made her the perfect applicant. Griet had to live at the Vermeer's during the week but could come home on Sunday to be with her family. Her family had lots of questions for her on her first Sunday home. While her mother and sister were cooking dinner, she sat and talked to her father. He pointed out that she had told them "about the cleaning and the measurements, but nothing about the painting he was working on" (47). He asked her to describe it, but she was worried that she wouldn't be able to describe it properly. Griet started telling him about "the woman tying pearls around her neck" (47), but her father sat showing no response. But when she said that "the light on the back wall is so warm that looking...