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The reason I use the title "City upon a Hill" is because it sounds like a great place for other impoverished or disenchanted people from other nations to go to create a better life for a family. The other reason is because President Ronald Reagan, one of Americas most loved Conservatives, quoted this from the Bible, and possible many other people like the Puritans and John Wintrop; Alexis de Tocqueville; and President John F. Kennedy when describing American exceptionalism. Protestant American Christians believed American progress would lead to the Christian Millennium; American writers also linked their history to the development of liberty in Anglo Saxon England even, back to the traditions of the Teutonic tribes that conquered the western Roman empire; and other American writers looked to the "millennial newness" of America, seeing the mass of "virgin land" promised an escape from the decay that befell earlier republics are three currents in American exceptionalism (Ross, 1991).

It is closely tied to the idea of Manifest Destiny, a term used by Jacksonian Democrats in the 1840s to promote the acquisition of much of what is the Western United States (the Oregon Territory, the Texas Annexation, the Gadsden Purchase, and the Mexican Cession) (Plaff, 2007). Some Mexicans believe in a some kind of reverse Manifest Destiny and to immigrate into parts of the United States that once was belonged and this reason is used for fear mongering from the American Right-wing (especially Michael Weiner or "Savage"). With all of this immigration let us take a look on how Americans change the Latino Immigrants and vice-versa.

Much Apu About Nothing from Matt Groening's Simpsons is a wonderful piece of satire showing how Springfield's population are easily fearful and ignorant and displaying the immigrant Apu's values and...