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Novel Title: Fine ThingsAuthor: Danielle SteelSummaryBernard Fine is a successful bachelor managing of the biggest stores in California. Bernie (nickname) runs into a little girl who is very lost and decides to help her out while. Her mother Liz comes to pick up her seven year old daughter Jane Calloway. The two newly met became friends (Bernie and Liz) and eventually fell in love and got married (much to the liking of Jane). Everything goes well and shortly after their marriage Liz gives birth to a son but the doctors decided that Liz has to stay in the hospital for a while and when Bernie asks why, they said that she must be tested for something but they never mentioned anything else to the overly concerned husband. A week later Liz is out of the hospital and with Bernie she finds out that she’s a victim of the deadly disease cancer.

Liz soon grows so weak that she looses her life and the long and painful journey for the young step-father Bernie has finally hit the saddest dead end. He tried to put up with his lost of his wife with the help of his parents. Bernie has no trouble at all raising Alexander and Jane all by himself then one day he met Jane's biological father, Carter, and Bernie believes that custody should be his because Carter abandoned his wife and daughter long before. Carter defends himself while Bernie doesn't believe him but somehow the man gains custody of his daughter then all of a sudden Bernie hears from his agent that Jane is the middle of a drug smuggling havoc in Mexico. He begs to the police that he should go with them to rescue Jane. Bernie drives down to the motel waited for a while until the agent finally has Jane out of the motel and back in her father's arms. Bernie begins to move on emotionally, and becomes involved with a beautiful doctor, but Jane is still loyal to her mother and can't accept this new woman but later on realized that his step father deserves to be happy and knew that her late mother would let him to be happy with someone new.

Reaction:The story of the novel is not far from happening in real life. To keep a happy and complete family is always a challenge. In this novel, Bernie Fine struggles with the lost of his wife from the early stage of their marriage, leaving him the responsibility of raising their children and the longing of having someone special again.

It showed the vulnerability of a man when it comes to losing a very important person forever.

Reference: "Fine Things" by Danielle Steel