Booze and Sociology

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When one needs to go out and find analysis, the easiest way is to bring it to them. Thus, this is what I did the night before Thanksgiving. Instead of going out in the world and trying to find some social mediocrity in which to analyze and pick apart, I found it better just to have all of life's quirky interactions take place in a setting which I know best of all -- my own house. Being the night before Thanksgiving, I knew I could count on basically all of my old friends being back in town. Thanksgiving is always an intriguing time, as quite the time as elapsed since many have seen each other.

But Thanksgiving is interesting for another reason as well. Tonight, the Patel household serves not only as a gathering place of individuals, but provides for a brief sociological analysis of the ways people interact. That interaction becomes much more interesting though through usage of the supreme social lubricant - alcohol.

After a broad overview of the location, alcohol is shown to be an influence in the way it changes the view of a domestic locale and its inhabitants, various forms of masculinities, exposes the falsehoods of some "feminine mystiques," and serves as a pathway for changing identities.

Imagine a venue quite like any other. The house permeates with domesticity as pictures of the family, a sister, and the beauty known simply as "Samir" adorn the walls. A peculiar smell emanates as one opens the door. It's a smell unlike any other that reminds one of walking into a type of Persian rug shop -- it is the haunting fragrance of Indian cuisine, masked by the sweet smell of incense. The living room is to the right when one enters the villa, with the kitchen...