The Bosnia Crisis in 1908.

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Due to the huge explosion of tension all over Europe in 1908, some countries began to take power. The Bosnia Crisis took place because they had sudden fears of the "Young Turks", which came with a result that Austria-Hungary has annexed Bosnia. Under the Treaty of Berlin, Austria-Hungary has the right to occupy and administer Bosnia-Herzegovina. Due to the Turkish revolution in 1908, Austria defended their country in order to prevent any kind of attacks. Soon after 1909 Bosnia was a part of Austria-Hungary. Th Serbs wished a revenge and a pay back for what Austria-Hungary did to Bosnia and their people. It has caused complications between international countries.

The Serbs demanded support from Russia while they would help them in the revenge to Austria-Hungary. But, Russia thought that the allies of Bosnia were France and Britain and that they were going to send some back up and help right away.

Which never happened. Russia has immediately rejected the favour asked from the Serb's, because they were extremely harshly humiliated and have swore that they wont ever back down again. After what has happened to Russia, Serbia didnt know what to do. It was a dysaster to their plans and the future. After the attack of by Austria-Hungary, the flag of Bosnia has changed, it has lost its countries symbol and got to being 2 colored flag. Serbs wanted more land to be give to them. They wanted the territory extending across Novi-Bazar and Bosnia-Herzegovina until Adriatic.

Bosnia had an enourmous back up from the Serb's because they were like a union, they cooperated together and they shared land. Serb's tried to get as much support from other countries as possible, but it was a hard investment. The rejection by Russia has stunned the Serb's and gave...