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John Hirst 10475857 Psych 230 Response paper "Boys Don't Cry" 1-31-02 Homosexuality and transsexuaslism are topics that have made progress as far as social acceptance in the last few years. What once was seen as a purely sick and twisted mental disorder, has been looked upon more increasingly as just an alternate lifestyle. However, despite the progress made by activists in both of these arenas, much still needs to be made if these groups are going to be completely accepted by society. These alternate lifestyles are still considered by most of the nation and much of the world as taboo. However, the problems extend much farther than simply being words that you can't say in school or at the dinner table, gays and transsexuals have been the targets of hateful, often brutal and vicious attacks by those who either do not understand or just do not accept them regardless.

As was shown in the movie, Boys Don't Cry, alternate lifestyles are phenomena that are often met violently and with little or no tolerance. It has been a long uphill struggle for these sexual minorities, and it is very likely that the struggle for widespread acceptance is going to be a tough, if not impossible, conflict.

The idea that one day, especially one day soon, alternate sexual lifestyles will be accepted by everyone in all forms is "pie in the sky." The notion is just ludicrous. I think this is the main issue raised by this movie. John's and Tom's characters are the literal and extreme embodiment of this way of thinking. They seem to be the stereotypical "redneck" that doesn't take kindly to gays. If gays and transsexuals are to ever achieve true widespread acceptance, these are the types of people who need to be won over...