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Boys are capable yet still not achieving, was a 1999 ERO finding. To understand why boys’ don’t achieve we must understand firstly why they achieve and secondly why they don’t. In the following I will discuss the former two questions and also effective strategies which improve achievement of boys.

Why do boys achieve? I will address this question by listing several elements which ERO (1999) attribute to this. Firstly a high standard of behaviour management and discipline is noticed. Second, a supportive environment has been established with positive role models and students have taken responsibility of their own actions. Thirdly, a wide range of programmes in the school are established, including subjects of particular interest to boys, such as wood work. Lastly, boys performed better at schools that had a strong focus on problem solving aspects in the mathematical curriculum.

Why don’t boys achieve? In understanding the behaviour of boys learning in general this can be understood.

There a two main factors which I will discuss being; their desire to live in the moment and how they learn in general. By boys living in the moment and their unwillingness in general to plan in order to better manage their lives they fail or under achieve. For example if an assignment is due on Tuesday, Monday night is generally the time they would do it. This is because ‘there’s always something better to do’, meaning there is something more appealing than the waiting assignment, such as watching a video. A simple solution is to make them understand there will be plenty more moments and by learning they are gaining knowledge which will help them further themselves in the future, such as how to construct a successful assignment.

Two points which I have learned about how boys learn in general are that...