A brand evaluation on White Mischief Vodka.

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White Mischief Vodka

About Vodka:

White Mischief is a brand of vodka and hence it is necessary that we know something about vodka before we proceed any further in this report. Vodka has its origins in Russia, but it is being made in Poland for a long time as well. Vodka can be made from anything that contains starch or sugar including potatoes, corn and grapes.

The name Vodka is derived from the Russian phrase "zhiznennia voda", meaning water of life. The word Vodka is an affectionate nickname meaning "little water". Vodka does not have strong flavour or any strong smell. It is considered to be one of the purest spirits, so it is unlikely to give you any hangover. Vodka does not contain any residual flavouring elements to be processed by the digestive system.

History of the Beverage industry in India:

India does not have not much of a history when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

This is mainly because majority of the population were either Hindus or Muslims. However, India can claim credit to at least one alcoholic beverage which is Punch. Punch probably derives its name from the Sanskrit word Pancham. Alcoholic beverages were introduced to Indians to a small extent by the Moghuls and largely by the British when they colonized India.

About Shaw-Wallace:

Shaw-Wallace and co. is the organization that manufactures and distributes White Mischief Vodka. Shaw-Wallace and co. is constantly creating and unveiling new brands. In spite of this, Shaw-Wallace has never ignored its old and trusted brands.

In India, Shaw-Wallace is one of the few liquor companies that sell 11 bottles of alcoholic beverages every second. Even though Shaw-Wallace is firmly entrenched as the leading liquor company in India, with a significant international presence, Shaw-Wallace is constantly adopting new strategies to maintain...