Brand Management: Pepsi Co. In Pakistan

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Executive Summary05

Introduction of Pepsi06

History of Pepsi07

Market and Products in Pakistan10


Target Market of Pepsi13

Promotion for Pepsi products14

Pricing of Pepsi17

Price Perception18

Brand Name 19

Logos and Slogans of Pepsi19

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SWOT Analysis30


Executive Summary

In 1885, with the name of brad's drink appears in New Bern, North Carolina. Then in 1898 it name became Pepsi Cola. Pepsi Cola Company was launched only in North Carolina. In starting Pepsi deals with small market place. The company was making only one soda water instead of verity of soda waters. Then demand for pepsi became more and more. Pepsi was launched in different countries and now Pepsi is serving its colas in entire world.

Pepsi has launched different types of soda waters time to time with heavy advertisement. They launch Pepsi tins, disposable, diet etc. today Pepsi is serving its product in entire world with verity of colas.

In industry Pepsi has great market share and customers perceive Pepsi as good drink. Specially, in Pakistan people prefer Pepsi on other drinks.



Pepsi Company incorporated in three businesses:

1-Soft Drinks, which is known as Pepsi Cola International. The product line carried by this division included Team, Miranda, Pepsi Cola 7-Up and Mountain Dew.

2-Snack Foods, which is called Frito Lay Incorporated.

3-Restaurants, which comprised Taco Bell, K.F.C. & Pizza Hut.

Pepsi Co. Inc. divided the world market into four regions; Latin American, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia The company's products are available in nearly 150 countries and accounted for retail sales of approximately 25 Billion in 1999 and PCI's sales was 20367 Million in 1999. PCI is facing major competition from Coca Cola (CCI) Incorporated in 1895, the market share for CCI was 95% while Pepsi cola...