Mountain Dew: Reasons for failure in Pakistan, Marketing analysis, Strategies, USP, Pricing strategy, competitive analysis, market segmentation, target market, etc.

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Marketing Management

Term Report On

"Mountain Dew failure in Pakistan"

Submitted to:

Samer S amir

Submitted By:

Geeta Khiani


Date: 18-12-2006


The report in your hand is entirely based on the experiences we went through during the course of Marketing Management. This report is a result of unanimous efforts of group members.

It will provide the information of the soft drink industry, which is relaunching its product to the local market in the month of February. By the end of the report will learn about Current Market Situation the firm and of the product, Marketing Strategy, distribution Strategy, Advertisement and Competitive Situations.

We have tried to portray the fact we have observed during this research process for the product, although this information may lack somewhere in the journey ahead.

We were assigned the job of relaunching a product in the market.

The product we are relaunching in the Market is Mountain Dew with a new image and new packaging which is unique to the market.


All the group members would like to thank the people who filled our questionnaires regarding the relaunch of Mountain Dew and were further co-operative in enlightening us of their opinions and suggestions. We are thankful to people at Pepsi Cola Inc who gave us the information about the product.

We are also very thankful to all those shop owners who informed us of the consumer choices and their likes and dislikes and last but not the least our greatest thanks to our Marketing Management facilitator Mr. Karim.A.Khan whose support and knowledge helped in completing this report.

Table Of Content

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Executive Summary


History Of Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew Pakistan


Reasons of Failure of Dew


Mission Statement...