Breakfast At Tiffany´s

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Holly Goligthtly is the main character. She´s a society-lady who hasn´t found her personal way. She´s well dressed and always wears black glasses. In her apartement she organizes lots of parties with lots of men. She knows very well that there is no real friend.

Before she arrives in N.Y.-city she lives on the countryside of California. With 14 she gets married with a much older man who has picked up her and her brohther Fred after she wanted to steal some eggs. She loves him, but feels caged. After she had run away, a hollywood star agent cought her up and teaches her in behavour and speaking. In N.Y.-city she´s still that child with the age of 14 stealing and running around.

after her brother Fred died in Worldwar II she changes her life and gets interested in household and children. Her thoughts always revolve on foreign countries and finally, after she gets stressed by the police (every Thursday she visits Sally Tomato, a gangster and brings messages to Mr.

Shaunessey, Mr. tomatos lawyer, without knowledge, that the messages are about drugs). Finally she dissapears to Southamerica and hopefully finds her own way, on a rich man´s side.