Breaking Boundaries: Economic Growth in Canada in relation to Immigration.

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Breaking Boundaries

Economic growth within Canada is something that we are always striving for and one area that can be improved upon is immigration, an increase in immigration levels is showing to be necessary in order to sustain and advance our economic growth and prosperity. But some people in Canada argue that such increases would only serve to aggravate our unemployment problem and put added strain on the social welfare system. This is an important issue to be dealt with amongst Canada's society because our birth rate is slowly depreciating and that is resulting in less young people entering into the work force every year to take over for those of the 'baby boom' age who are now retiring.

In order for Canada to sustain economic growth, newcomers are essential given Canada's negative birth rate. People who are in favour of immigrants' role in Canada's economy have many sensible facts backing their viewpoint.

For instance, there is no evidence that immigration leads to increased unemployment. And it is an evident truth that a larger work force will only serve to increase the amount of goods and services produced and consumed. In addition, many newcomers to Canada are highly skilled and educated; in fact, immigrants are twice as likely as Canadians to have a university degree. Moreover, immigrants come to Canada to improve their quality of life, not just to survive; they could have done that in their home country. They want to improve their economic prospects just as much as we do.

There are also people in Canada who believe that an increase in immigration will only prove to be a hindrance to the economy. These people assert that immigrants will only lead to increased unemployment. Thus putting added stress on the government to increase taxes in order to produce...