"The Bridge of San Luis Rey"

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The Marquesa was a kind, compassionate, religious, and eccentric woman. Sometimes, she would walk out of the church or theater in the middle of a service or play. She even dressed a little awkward, but she had a heart of pure gold. Her daughter wanted almost nothing to do with her, yet she showered her with attention and love. She helped those who needed it, and even forgave Camila when she apologized for being so rude. Sometime throughout the novel, the Marquesa rescued a little girl, named Pepita, from the orphanage. She took Pepita with her on a journey, and while on this journey, she found out that the little girl really did love her, and this was all the Marquesa wanted. She was so moved by this and promised to her that when she returned home, she would be a new person, with a new attitude on love and life.

Dona Maria (the Marquesa) had many important roles in the books, first introducing many of the main characters. Never receiving love from her husband or parents, Dona Maria gave her daughter, Dona Clara, too much love and attention. Dona Clara resented her mother for this. As soon as she was old enough to get married, she did leave her mother to wed a Spanish Lord and went to his country to live with him.

Saddened by her daughter leaving her so alone, Dona Maria went to the orphanage and brought a little girl named Pepita home with her as a companion. She also began writing more letters to her daughter, filling them with emotions. Dona Clara was embarrassed by her mother's sappiness, so she ignored many of her following letters and rarely wrote back. She later found out she was pregnant and wrote her mother a very short...